MW Motion is the home of Matt Wilson an award winning freelance animator and director based in Bristol, South West of the UK. Specialising in creating engaging content using animation, motion graphics and characters in his work.



I am Matt Wilson a freelance animation director, working with a wide range of clients and audiences and I’m based in Bristol, U.K.

My career began in 2013 after being recognised for my talent by The Design Council, who presented me the Future Pioneer award. Since then, I have created engaging videos for a variety of charities and brands.

I strive to create quality products for my clients, I do this by constantly improving my craft and collaborating with professionals across several fields. Honesty is a value that I strongly believe in, by offering advice and direction to my clients I am able to establish relationships built on trust.

I believe in sharing my experience and knowledge in order to better the design community. I do this through a variety of mediums, Youtube being one, where I share advice, tips and tricks for new motion designers to gain a greater understanding of the craft; helping them to develop a professional career.


I feel incredibly lucky to be in the fortunate position of enjoying what I do and I am passionate about producing quality work for my clients. This passion motivates me to constantly improve my work and elevate my craft to be able to offer my clients the absolute best of my ability. I stand by the belief that my latest project is my greatest.

I run my business with complete transparency, I never hide any costs and strongly believe in a collaborative approach to tackling a project to ensure that my clients are completely happy with the outcome.

I’m more than happy to discuss any project big or small, so please get in touch.